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droses1993atGMAlL, 0, United States
Age: 39 (View biorythm)
Location: 0, 0, United States
Relationship Type: blank
Last Activity: 01-08-18

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Hi Daniela is my name and you ?, im single,beautiful looking for a soul mate, e malL me DROSES1993atGMAILCOM . we get to know each other and share more pictures we build a wonderful relationship if possible ..
About droses1993atGMAlL
Height: -
Weight: -
Body: -
Drinking: -
Ethnicity: -
Eye: -
Religion: -
Family: -
Hair: -
Income: -
Career: -
Smoking: -
Status: -
Other information
Age preference: -
Appearance: -
First date: -
Humor: -
Level of faith: -
Live where: -
Living with: -
Spending habits: -
About partner
Age Range: Not Specified
Height: 4' 0" - 121 cm - 7' 0" - 213 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say - more than 308 lbs - 140 kg
Body: Please ask me
Drinking: Please ask me
Ethnicity: Please ask me
Eye: Please ask me
Religion: Please ask me
Family: Please ask me
Hair: Please ask me
Income: Please ask me
Career: Please ask me
Smoking: Please ask me
Status: Please ask me

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